wood textures

What wood make the best furniture

Items made of natural wood — a great choice for the interior. We will help you to understand the variety of types of wood used by the best furniture manufacturers, to compare their advantages and make the right choice Despite the rapidly developing industrial technologies that generate more and more new types of production materials,…


Koelnmesse 2019

The international furniture exhibition in Cologne Germany is a traditional furniture exhibition where the best furniture manufacturers present their products. The furniture exhibition is held in January 2019, the date of the exhibition is from January 14 to January 20. In this period of time will be held a major international exhibition of furniture for…

Shop Woodworking 2019

Woodworking shows 2019

Every year in the United States of America held an exhibition of woodworking. The exhibition will be held in Baltimore (Maryland), new England (region in the North East of the USA), Kansas city (Western part of the border of Missouri), Tampa (city in Florida), Indianapolis (Midwest USA), St. Louis (independent city in the USA), Detroit,…