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Our company is pleased to welcome you to the MBS Wood website. We are engaged in the manufacture of tabletops for tables from natural wood.
We manufacture large tabletops. We give you the opportunity to make an individual order for the production of long worktops.

Loft style tables

Loft-style tables will be a great addition to a cafe, bar, restaurant, or other entertainment venues. First of all, guests evaluate the interior, and only then the menu, the quality of food, or other services. Clients love atmospheric places, and we will be happy to help you arrange such. We have more than 20 table models in our assortment. Table supports made of powder-coated metal profile. The standard color is black. Natural wood worktops ash, oak.
When creating home comfort in the house, it is worth paying more attention to the living room and kitchen, because the whole family often gathers at the dinner table, which means that nothing should distract from communication. If you prefer the loft-style in the interior, then you probably know that it sets a clear framework for the selection of furniture.

Buy a loft-style table

Of course, a table is necessary not only for the kitchen or dining room but also for arranging a personal office, children’s room, and even a loggia, if, of course, the scale allows. We offer a wide selection of in-stock products, which you can see in the catalog. And also here you can

We deliver tables all over Europe and are responsible for the quality of the goods. We guarantee that the tables purchased from us will last a long time. Still, have questions? Contact us and we will give detailed advice regarding cooperation and work.

Custom Solid Wood Oak Table Tops

Now you can order large oak dining table tops from us at the best prices.
Standard sizes of oak dining table tops: 180cm * 100cm, 200 * 100cm, 220 * 100cm, 240cm * 100cm, 260 * 100cm, 280 * 100cm, 300 * 100cm.
In addition, we can make tabletops for tables of non-standard sizes according to your drawings.
If you still have additional questions, write to us by email or call WhatsApp +380970470010

Questions about Custom Table Tops

⚙️ How to make custom countertops?

MBS Wood makes custom countertops. In addition, you can order metal table supports. When ordering, you can choose the size and color of the tabletop coating.

⚙️ What is the price of custom-made countertops?

Fixed cost countertops that are made to order - calculated per square meter. Additionally, the processing and coating and packaging of the tabletop for transportation is considered.

⚙️ How long does it take to make a custom-made countertop?

On average, up to 100 table tops can be made in a week at an average-sized production facility. In fact, tabletop production time depends on the size and thickness of the tabletop as well as the finish of the wood.

⚙️ Where is the best place to order custom-made countertops?

If you are in Europe and want to order 1 countertop, then it will be more profitable to find a local company near you. If you sell wooden furniture or want to order custom countertops in bulk. In that case, it's better to order from MBS Wood.