Manufacture of steel and wooden legs for tables

Our furniture factory produces quality legs for dining tables and coffee tables. We are ready to offer you a large selection of metal and wooden legs for tables of high quality. All the legs for the tables we produce are universal mounts.

We order not only the production of dining tables in the kitchen, but also the wooden legs for dining tables. All products are made by hand, wood is processed on special machines.
To cover the wooden legs to the dining tables, we use translucent oil, now we can offer several colors of wood coating to choose from (white color, translucent color, brown color, gray color).
We use German and Ukrainian oil. You can see the colors and request additional photos from us.

Oak legs for tables

Oak legs for tables are very popular in the Netherlands, Holland and Denmark in these countries, most buyers make orders for the production of oak legs to the tables.
Oak legs to the tables look beautiful with a coating of clear oil or gray oil. Oak legs are very reliable and able to withstand a heavy load, they can be picked up countertops of solid oak 6 cm thick (3 + 3).
Coffee tables can also be with oak legs, for oak tables, the oak legs are smaller.

We organized the export of wooden legs for tables, oak legs for tables to Europe. Here you can profitably buy wooden legs for delivery tables. The minimum order for order is 5 sets.
If you are not in Europe but really want to buy oak legs to the tables or other products of our factory, you can independently organize the delivery of our products to your country and buy our products under EXW terms.
We have low prices and favorable conditions for cooperation.
In a week we can produce and sell up to 60 sets of wooden legs to the tables.

wooden legs for dining table
solid wood legs for dining table
wooden gray legs for dining table
oak legs for dining table
wooden legs for oak dining table
size wooden legs for dining table
Metal legs for dinning table
black metal legs for dinning table
Metal legs for dinning table
Iron legs for dinning table
Metal black legs for dinning table
Black metal iron legs for dinning table

Metal legs for table

We produce metal legs for tables of different shapes and sizes. To produce the legs of the tables we use steel pipes 2 and 3 mm thick. Pipe dimensions: 60 * 40mm. 80 * 80mm. 60 * 120mm.
In the welding shop, the legs to the tables are assembled according to the drawings. For coating we use black matte paint. Ready-made legs for tables we are packed in cardboard boxes and we stick labels with the sizes of the goods and its characteristics. Each pair of table legs is equipped with screws for assembly.

All metal legs for dining tables have universal fasteners that are suitable for all sizes of countertops. For dining tables, all forms of metal legs are suitable. They stand a great burden.

For coffee tables we produce smaller metal feet. Assembly is exactly the same as assembling large dining tables.
We can send you additional photos so you can see what form we produce metal feet.

Metal legs for table for sale

You can buy wholesale metal legs for tables. The minimum order for order is 5 sets. We arranged delivery to Europe: Netherlands, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland. Delivery is carried out by road motor transport.
You can independently organize the delivery of metal feet to other countries and buy metal legs under EXW terms.
We can produce up to 60 sets of metal legs in a week for tables of different sizes.
If you want to order the production of non-standard metal legs and sizes, just send us an application and we will certainly consider your request.

You can order production of legs for tables from metal and wood in our company. Send a request for our e-mail, and we will send you the catalog with prices for products of our factory.
We can make legs for tables according to your drawing, considering all your wishes and requirements. You can choose the size of a product of which material it will be made color of a covering.

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