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On this page, we have presented round tabletops made from natural oak wood. We manufacture round dining tabletops. You can see the photos of the round oak countertops. All-round oak countertops are handmade. We manufacture round tabletops in large sizes. You can make an individual order.

We invite large online furniture stores and design studios to cooperate. You can order an exclusive design from us. We can produce round oak countertops according to your drawings. We have favorable terms of cooperation. Low prices for round oak countertops.

Roundtop natural wood oak, ash

We will make and provide delivery of a solid round table top made of natural oak, ash wood for tables in a cafe, bar, or restaurant. A worktop made of real wood is not just a work surface but is often the main component in a restaurant’s design. Remarkable texture, attractive natural pattern, and soft shine of the polished surface will delight and decorate your interior. In addition, any type of wood has its own unique features. An oak or ash wood countertop is a good investment. The service life of a wooden tabletop is practically unlimited. Thanks to the coating with a special varnish-and-paint wax, the tabletop needs only wet cleaning from dust and dirt.

How to order a round or oval oak tabletop?

To order round and oval oak tabletops, you need to write or call our manager. Our manager will answer your questions. You can learn about the technology of manufacturing round tabletops and find out the shipping cost.

Please note – the minimum order for United States of America – 1 container. Delivery of round tabletops to the USA is carried out by sea.
Delivery to Europe is carried out by trucks.

Questions about round oak countertops

⚙️ What kind of tables need round table tops?

Round countertops are usually needed for dining tables, as well as for tables in bars and restaurants. The distinctive feature of such tables is the ability to accommodate as many people as possible at the table.

⚙️ How thick are round tables made of oak?

Usually round tabletops are made 4 centimeters thick, but there are cases when you order the round tabletop thickness of 6 centimeters. The production technology does not allow for a round tabletop to be less than 3 centimetres thick.

⚙️ What is the price of round oak table tops?

Much of the cost depends on the size of the round table top and its thickness. So, for example, a round tabletop made of oak with a diameter of 120 centimeters costs from 350 euros.

⚙️ How are round wooden table tops packaged?

The packing process for round wood countertops is not much different than the packing process for straight countertops. Round table tops are first packed in a protective film and then in cardboard boxes. All packaged countertops are stacked on wooden pallets and packed. This packaging allows the countertops to be shipped to another country without damage.