We have prepared a catalog with prices for wooden tables made of solid oak and ash. On this page you can see the catalogue online to find out the prices of oak tables with metal and wooden legs.
Please note: prices for wholesale buyers the price of products does not include the price of delivery. The shipping cost is calculated individually depending on the volume of goods and the distance of the way.
Check the availability of products in our warehouse. Production time of wooden tables with metal and wooden legs on order from two to 6 weeks.
We guarantee high quality of all products that are produced by our factory. We can consider providing an individual discount when ordering products from 110 CBM.
The final production time depends on the number of orders that we carry out now, so please specify the information you are interested in in the request that you send us.

Cooperation with wholesale buyers

We are ready to consider all possible options for cooperation. If you are the owner of a large online store that sells furniture, then you are sure to be interested in our offer.
If You want to sell our products in Europe, we will prepare a special offer for you.
We are interested in cooperation with furniture stores in Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, as well as in the Netherlands.
You can always visit our factory and make sure the quality of our products, sign a contract for the manufacture of wooden tables made of solid oak.

Dining table catalogue pdf

Download Price

Here and now you can see and download the catalog with prices for the products of our factory.

Link to download directory: Price-mbswood-2018.pdf
You can distribute our catalog in your online store, but you can not make changes to the catalog and remove our contact information.
You can send us a request and we will send you detailed photos of each product that you are interested in.
In the catalog contains the following products: countertops made of solid ash, table tops in solid oak, metal feet for tables, wood leg tables, countertops, coffee tables, wooden benches for kitchen tables.
We regularly update our catalogue and add new products. Subscribe to receive news on our social network Facebook page and you will receive new catalogs of our factory.

If you have any further questions please contact us.

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