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Oak TableTops 3 planks
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We present to your attention the dining tables of two slats. Tabletops that consist of two slats look very beautiful. These tabletops are made of solid oak boards.
Two independent oak boards are attached to the base and there is a small distance between them.
You can now order two slat oak tabletops from us with delivery. The minimum batch to order is 10 pieces.
The tabletops consisting of three slats are in the same production process as the tabletops consisting of two slats. The tabletops may have smooth edges or a live edge in the form of a tree.

Coating options

Oak table tops can have any coating. Most often we have uncoated table tops ordered from us or coated with colorless oil and clear oil.
Each tabletop is carefully packaged in plastic wrap and in a cardboard box. This packaging allows you to keep the tabletop for a long time and to avoid damage during transportation.

We are ready to consider options for cooperation with your company. If you have any questions just call us at +380970470010 or send us an email.