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Wooden Oak Tabletops

How to refinish an oak tabletop

Oak table tops have a great advantage – they can be restored with their own hands if damage appeared after some time. Similarly, wooden table legs can also be restored. It does not take much time and requires simple tools and materials. It is not uncommon when a favorite piece of furniture loses its original…

wood textures

The strongest trees in the world

Today, the hardness of wood is determined by several methods. There are ratings of all trees by density. Based on the hardness, determine where and what kind of wood to use. According to the obtained data on the hardness, a list of the most solid trees. It includes the locust. This tree grows in large…

wood textures

What wood make the best furniture

Items made of natural wood — a great choice for the interior. We will help you to understand the variety of types of wood used by the best furniture manufacturers, to compare their advantages and make the right choice Despite the rapidly developing industrial technologies that generate more and more new types of production materials,…