Production of dining tables from oak wood

Our furniture factory makes qualitative dining tables from natural wood of an oak. We are a large supplier of dining tables from a natural oak in Europe. On the official site of furniture factory we submitted the electronic catalog of models of tables which can be ordered.

Dining tables from wood of an oak were always appreciated by high quality and beautiful appearance. The top part of a table-top usually becomes covered with transparent oil, for a covering of wood it is possible to choose also other colors. It is possible to order examples of color from us, and it is possible to visit our factory and to pick up the necessary color.

Now on the website of factory rectangular dining tables with metal legs, dining tables for external use (oak street tables), round dining tables from oak wood are presented.
We make dining tables not only from oak wood, you can choose other type of wood and order production of dining tables, we offer dining tables from wood of an ash-tree and dining tables from pine wood. Undoubtedly, the strongest and beautiful wood is a wood of an oak.

Wholesale of dining tables from oak wood

You can wholesale dining tables from our factory only. We give opportunities to buy one table, minimum lot for the order of 5 pieces. Pay attention: in the catalog the prices without delivery cost are specified, delivery of dining tables is calculated separately depending on quantity of tables in the order and distance from factory to the buyer.

We watch closely quality and we check each dining table before packing into cardboard packing. We store all ready wooden table-tops from oak wood in a warehouse of factory and strictly we observe temperature and humidity in visit where there are table-tops from oak wood.

We invite to cooperation of wholesale buyers from Europe and the United States of America, in turn we offer favorable terms and low cost of dining tables from oak wood.

Table-tops for tables

Our furniture factory makes qualitative table-tops of natural wood for tables. We offer a wide choice of table-tops of the different sizes and different thickness. Table-tops from oak wood We offer the standard sizes of table-tops from oak wood: 200х100 cm. 220х100 cm. 240х100 cm. 260х100 cm. 280х100 cm. 300х100 cm. Thickness at table-tops which…

Outdoor dining table

Table for external use with metal legs. The table top of this table consists of 5 solid slats of natural oak wood. The thickness of the table top is 4 cm. The table length is available from 200 cm to 300 cm. The width of the table is 100 cm. Legs for this table can…